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Discover how to get highly optimized parts with greater design freedom with reduced support build strategies.

Past methods for supporting metal additive manufactured (AM) parts have imposed limitations on part design. The increased complexity associated with removing supports has added cost and lead time to the process, and some parts and applications have even been disqualified from AM due to support-based issues.

Together with 3D Systems’ leading expertise and machine platforms, our 3DXpert software package has advanced metal AM capabilities to help expand your design envelope with features such as multi-exposure and thermal blades to help you realize the goal of no supports. Multi-exposure can drastically reduce the self-supporting angle while maintaining a high-quality surface finish, and thermal blades provide a structure to transfer heat and control the weld process for the lowest-angle features without welding to the part.

Topics covered in this webinar include:
• The historical challenge of minimum support angles
• 3DXpert tools for advanced segmentation and parameter assignment
• Multi-exposure strategies
• Thermal blades strategies

Register today to be part of the Oct. 20, 2021 @2PM ET webinar about the latest advancements in support-less direct metal printing.