Size and shape of the US medical device industry

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The global medical device market offers opportunities for U.S. manufacturers, with large and small players showing adaptability and tenacity.

July 6, 2016

Medical device industry

Value of total exports based on North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

29% Surgical & medical instruments

Includes anesthesia apparatus, orthopedic instruments, optical diagnostic apparatus, blood transfusion devices, syringes, hypodermic needles, catheters

22% Surgical appliances & supplies

Includes artificial joints and limbs, stents, orthopedic appliances, surgical dressings, disposable surgical drapes, hydrotherapy appliances, surgical kits, rubber medical and surgical gloves, wheelchairs

14% Electro-medical & electro-therapeutic apparatus

Includes pacemakers, patient-monitoring systems, MRI machines, diagnostics imaging equipment, ultrasonic scanning devices

17% In-vitro diagnostic substances

Includes chemical, biological, or radioactive substances

8% Irradiation apparatus

Includes X-ray devices, diagnostics imaging equipment, computed tomography equipment

6% Ophthalmic goods

Includes eyeglass frames, lenses, related optical and magnification products

3% Dental equipment & supplies

Includes dental hand instruments, drills, sterilizers, dental chairs, plaster, amalgams, cements

The U.S. leads

  • World productionof medical devices
  • Global consumptionof medical devices
  • Medical devicemarket with a value of $140+ billion;
  • 45% of the global market

43 billion with 1.5% annual growth

2015 total value of U.S. industry product shipments under medical NAICS categories

Source: 2016 ITA Medical Devices Top Markets Report