SMAC able to address encoder needs

Supply chain issues create opportunities for U.S. encoder manufacturer.


Extensive slowdowns all along the supply chain are keeping electronics manufacturers from buying the components they need, when they need them, suggesting broader problems across the economy. However, for SMAC, a little encoder manufacturing group in Derry, New Hampshire, the crisis has led to record sales numbers in 2021.

Rapid initial design contributed to SMAC’s success. Application engineers respond to most inquiries within hours and, depending on the customer’s specifications, they produce prototypes in weeks. Take out the supply chain issues overseas competitors face and the US-based company has become an agile solution for encoders.

“No one else on the planet can create prototypes as quickly as we can,” claims one SMAC Application Engineer. While this statement may be difficult to verify, but certainly only a very select few can deliver price competitive encoder prototypes to U.S.-based companies as quickly as SMAC can.

SMAC setup their own encoder manufacturing group SMAC-EMC, to design, build and test their own line of optical encoders. Their engineering and manufacturing staff have over 25 years’ experience designing and building optical encoders at SMAC and at other major optical encoder companies. This staff has designed large volume, optical encoder products for Markem, Brooks Automation, Varian Corp, HP, Universal Instruments, Delphi, and other manufacturers from coast to coast.

Because SMAC developed and designed their own reflective and diffractive optical encoder in-house, it has given them the knowledge and understanding of all the attributes that go into choosing superior encoder optical components for their designs.