Hybrid Technology Powers Connectors

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July 29, 2011

Air and electrical connections are the key interface for clinicians and can be critical for ensuring that a device performs safely and effectively. Hybrid Connector technology eliminates the need for multiple connections between remote tools and a device, helping ensure a safe and effective performance. For applications requiring a smaller footprint, the Mini Hybrid provides a compact, single connection point for both air and electrical lines.

Great interest among medical endusers and OEM’s came from introduction of the Hybrid Connector technology, with users quickly recognizing the value in having a single, easy-to-use connector. This interest resulted in the smaller version emerging – the Mini Hybrid Connector.

Integrating air lines and electronics into a compact, single connection point for remote tools on medical devices and equipment, the Mini Hybrid Connector reduces misconnections and enhances patient therapy outcomes.

The valved Mini Hybrid has a smaller form factor and is ideal for use in low-pressure applications where ease of use and ergonomics are important. This connector technology eliminates the need for multiple connections and allows clinicians or therapy patients to quickly and easily change or replace modular tools, umbilicals, or handpieces that require power, signal, and gases.

The standard coupling set consists of a panel mount socket and a connector with a 4ft umbilical hose containing an air tube, multiple wires, and two electrical contacts – customizable options are available. The push-pull design of the Mini Hybrid Connector is ideal for lower pressure applications that require one integrated connection point for air and electronics, such as dental tools, diagnostic equipment, surgical tools, analytical instrumentation, and therapy devices.

With a breakaway latching mechanism, the Mini Hybrid simplifies the user interface, speeds device setup, and enhances user perception of overall device performance. Combining all the connection points into an integrated, proven assembly, helps improve patient safety by eliminating misconnections.

The Mini Hybrid incorporates a reliable SMC coupling platform in the fluid path and features gold-plated brass electrical contacts. Engineers can confidently specify the Mini Hybrid for their pneumatic and low power applications.

View a video of the new connector online.