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September 8, 2015
TMD Staff

Automatic lathe

Software on the SW-20 Swiss-type automatic lathe enables quick manufacturing of complex components. New functions include manual handle retracting, program check, and code and alarm help to assist the system operator.

Collets can be opened and closed during high-speed operation to reduce non-cutting time during spindle acceleration and deceleration. An electric drive eliminates hydraulic pressure and reduces idle time between each axis operation.

A tool post with a Y-axis control function is designed for eight-spindle back working. An optional cross milling unit offers complex machining on the back end. Supplying the motor on the sub-spindle with the same power as the main spindle improves program efficiency, and simultaneous turning and drilling by opposing plattens leads to shortened machine time.

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.


Additive manufacturing system

he AM250’s laser melting additive-metal manufacturing process is capable of producing fully dense metal parts directly from 3D CAD data using a high-powered fiber laser. Parts are built layer by layer, in thicknesses ranging from 20µm to 100µm, using a range of fine metal powders melted in a tightly controlled atmosphere.

The machines use third-generation, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. The AM250 features vacuum technology and low gas consumption. Its design, operation, and serviceability emphasize ruggedness and ease of operation.

The AM250 processes materials including 316L and 17-4PH SS, H13 tool steel, aluminum Al-Si-12, titanium CP, Ti-6AI-4V and 7Nb, cobalt-chrome (ASTM75), and Inconel 718 and 625. Designed for rapid material changeover, with a removable hopper for materials development or a range of materials, a valve interlock allows extra power while the process is running.

A vacuum chamber enables low-pressure evacuation followed by a recharge with high purity argon gas. Gas consumption, after the initial chamber flood, is extremely low and contributes to material integrity and mechanical performance.

Renishaw Inc.


Integrated encoder

MICROMO introduces the FAULHABER IEH3-4096 series is a compact three-channel encoder that delivers two square-wave signals and an additional index channel. It offers a higher resolution, extended operating temperature range, improved speed control, and increases the length of the motor by 1.4mm. The encoder can be combined with precious-metal commutated DC-micromotors of the SR series, 15mm to 22mm in diameter.

The thermally robust, single-chip Hall module used in the IEH3-4096 allows a -40°C to 100°C operating temperature range. The resolution of up to 4,096 pulses per revolution results in improved control dynamics. The model also offers improved speed control, particularly at low speeds. Other pulse counts are also available. The IEH3-4096 remains mechanically compatible with its predecessor models.