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High-precision toolholder; Four-slide metal forming machine; Automatic bar-loading feeder

January 31, 2020

High-precision toolholder

The CIM clamping system provides high precision, accuracy, and repeatability through an internal tool indexing mechanism that locates the tool in the correct orientation. The collet holds the tool securely for high stability, and tool change does not require holder removal. Designed to fit standard and special Carmex Tiny Tools, the CIM system eliminates retaining screws and features three clamping flats on the shank for maximum flexibility. The system’s internal coolant feature allows flow through the CIM holder and Tiny Tool for delivery to the cutting edge. Carmex Precision Tools LLC

Four-slide metal forming machine

High-performance processing modules and a controller enable 4-slide process monitoring and sensors to synchronize accurate operation. A configurable VC1 touchscreen controller facilitates programmable cam changes and fast machine setup.

The 4-slide-NC boasts up to 250 parts per minute productivity rates.

The VC1 central machine controller’s integrated recording and data measurement support operator performance to ensure production reliability. Machine safety standards include door safety switches to prevent exposure to shafts.

Bihler of America Inc.

Automatic bar-loading feeder

The latest FMB Turbo 3-38 automatic bar-loading magazine feeds round, square, and hexagonal bar material into CNC lathes. The headstock synchronization device for rapid backward and forward movement on fast-moving sliding-headstock lathes eliminates forward feed pressure from the bar pusher, ensuring no bar distortion. With irregular shaped bar stock, the feed mechanism automatically pulses to ensure profiled material is located in the lathe collet/chuck.

Quick-change polyurethane guide channels simplify multiple bar stock diameter use. A roller steady rest guides bar stock between the bar feeder and lathe, with rollers or blocks feeding round or profiled material. Rollers can be continuously adjusted to the bar diameter and quickly replaced with blocks to support profiled material.

The storage table at the side of the guide channel features an 11" loading capacity. The new bar automatically positions in the lathe, ready for facing before the first component is produced. Part-to-part feed out can be controlled without a dead stop. Loading time for a 12ft bar is 24 seconds. Maximum adjustable forward feed rate is 1,000mm per second and maximum adjustable return speed is 2,000mm per second.

Bar remnants are withdrawn to the back end of the magazine and a gripper extracts them from the collet and deposits them in a remnant basket. An air-operated gripping device inserts the new bar into the bar stock collet and extracts the remnant.

Edge Technologies