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Motors; Compression fittings; Mini motors for hand tools

March 22, 2016


The RPX22 and RPX32, 22mm and 32mm diameter motors, offer high torque and efficiency, starting at 58mm (2") in length. The motors are designed for efficiency at traditional motor speeds and are available in three standard voltages. The range is customizable to meet medical requirements.

ElectroCraft Inc.

Compression fittings

More than 90 compression fittings in various sizes and configurations are available for tubing OD connections, offering perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) purity combined with a robust compression fitting. Once tubing has been cut to the desired length, installation can be done without tools. Sterilization methods that can be used include ETO, steam, e-beam, and gamma.


Mini motors for hand tools

Application-specific motors for hand tools can be used in arthroscopic shavers; ear, nose, and throat (ENT) microdebriders; and large bone drills. They feature a motor design with demonstrated autoclavability up to 1,000 cycles and are designed to withstand sterilization.

Arthroscopic shaver brushless DC mini motors have a no-load speed ranging from 4,000rpm to 7,000rpm and a maximum continuous torque of 117mN-m and 119mN-m. Large bone drill motors offer a cannulated gearbox and motor combination to allow for in-line pin and k-wire driving and provide high torque at operating speed. They have a no-load speed of 950rpm with a maximum continuous torque of 818mN-m. ENT brushless DC mini motor solutions have no-load speeds of 11,800rpm and a maximum continuous torque of 39mN-m. The spine drill motor offers 90,500rpm of no-load speed and 9.2mN-m maximum continuous torque.