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Updated sliding, fixed headstock automatic lathe; CAM/CAD enhancements in GibbsCAM; Toolholder with streamlined coolant nozzle design

CREDIT: Index Corp.

Updated sliding, fixed headstock automatic lathe

The second-generation Traub TNL12 sliding/fixed headstock automatic lathe with 13mm spindle clearance features two identical work spindles (main and counter spindles) and two tool turrets, both with an interpolating Y-axis.

It can be equipped with a front-working attachment and a back-working attachment for complex rear-end machining operations, providing the user with up to 38 available tools.

The Traub TNL12 can also be switched quickly between sliding and fixed headstock operation. Its compact footprint with the work area ensures a high power density for efficient production.

The Traub TNL12 enables easy operation from the Traub TX8i-s V8 controller, readying the machine for integration into the digital iXworld.

Whether used as a Swiss-type sliding headstock lathe or as a fixed headstock lathe, configuration options from the modular system are diverse to meet most requirements.

Placing the control cabinet in the machine base offers space for custom work area fittings, including workpiece handling.

Index Corp.


CAM/CAD enhancements in GibbsCAM

GibbsCAM 2022 CAD enhancements for solid and surface modelling include the ability to extrude multiple bodies with taper, and to create surfaces as a stitched body directly from closed 2D geometry. In addition, users can automatically create trimmed planar surfaces in any orientation at geometry depth instead of the CS plane. Developments include new alignment capabilities enabling straight edges of solid bodies to be easily aligned with the working coordinate system in preparation for machining, and a new sectional view slicing plane which can be moved in any direction to view and select features within the interior of a solid body.

Among the CAM updates are usability enhancements such as automated multi-shape predrilling and extended control for start/end points of profiling toolpaths. It’s now possible to omit radius moves on outside corners of turning operations so lathe operators can adjust critical diameters and reduce G-code file output sizes.

GibbsCAM 2022 also introduces the ability to hide multipart cutting in all simulation modes, reducing verification time based on the number of components being machined.



Toolholder with streamlined coolant nozzle design

tool now have a streamlined coolant outlet design, enabling use of high-pressure coolant at more than 7MPa or 1,015psi to effectively control chips in long-chipping materials such as stainless steel and heat-resistant superalloys.

Featuring a coolant outlet built in the body, the design is more effective than conventional through-coolant toolholders that have an adjustable coolant nozzle or bulky assembly. With reduced number of parts, the toolholders expand the TungTurn-Jet range with an economical option that can contribute to customers seeking further tool cost reductions while maintaining effective chip control and maximum tool life.

TungTurn-Jet toolholder systems for Swiss machine applications are available and can eliminate the hassle of coolant hose connections when used in a Swiss machine that can supply coolant directly into the toolholder from the gang slide. This plug-and-play coolant capability allows operators to mount the toolholders on the gang slide or tool post and use the integrated coolant nozzle for effective chip control and maximum tool life.

Tungaloy America Inc.