ALD for medical device manufacturing

Atomic layer deposition technology has the potential to disrupt the whole field of healthcare industries.

Richardson, Texas – Picosun Group, a global provider of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) thin film coating technology, now offers PicoMEDICAL solutions specifically developed for the needs of medical device manufacturers. Available is a product family targeted for medical industries. Based on the company’s existing product portfolio, PicoMEDICAL solutions combine the ALD process, equipment, services, and support into complete turnkey packages ready to be implemented into the manufacturing process flows, even in the industries that are still new to ALD.

Ultra-thin, biocompatible, and bioactive ALD films manufactured with Picosun’s production ALD equipment already encapsulate surgical implants and improve adhesion to bone, speeding the healing process and protecting patients from possible metal ion leakage from the implant into the body.

And, this is only the beginning. Remote healthcare solutions rely on various wearable or implantable microelectronic sensors that monitor physiological functions. Advanced neurological and cardiological treatments use implantable probes equipped with miniature electronics. All of these devices require a reliable method to protect the implanted parts from corrosion caused by body fluids, and the patient from the rejection reaction caused by an alien object in the body. As several ALD materials are intrinsically biocompatible, and as the ALD method creates high quality coatings that form pinhole-free, conformal, uniform, and hermetic encapsulation around the coated object, ALD finds uses in all sectors of medical industries and offers atomic level precise solutions to various challenges medical equipment manufacturers face. 

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