Metal Medical Miracles

Metal Medical Miracles: a three-part series from Sandvik Coromant exploring medical machining

Part 1:

Why cutting tools fail and what to do about it

Tempers and tool use run short when cutting tough materials used in medical components.

Part 2:

An in-depth look at cutting tool selection, how to keep cutting tools cool, and management of the cutting processes

Medical grade metals may be difficult to cut, but given the right tooling and cutting fluid, productive machining is within reach.

Part 3:

A look at the materials themselves, their properties, and why each is chosen for a specific medical application

Many physical ailments would go untended if not for the metals surgeons use to repair us. Cobalt chrome alloys, stainless steel, titanium—these and a host of proprietary metals are used in knee and hip joint replacement, fusion cages to relieve pressure on ailing discs, pacemakers and pumps, and the screws and hardware to hold it all together.