6-axis CNC tool grinder

6-axis CNC tool grinder

July 22, 2014

Rollomatic Inc

Grinding Machines

Rollomatic, a leading machine tool manufacturer based in Le Landeron, Switzerland, maintains its global leadership position by announcing a 6-axis CNC tool grinder for long drills to enable its customers to achieve sustained competitive advantage.

In-depth tests in the field have proven that the new GrindSmart 528XF with SmartChanger is ideally suited for long drills. This machine is furnished with a traveling workhead allowing drills with a flute length up to 12” to be efficiently produced. In addition, its versatility permits other carbide or HSS drills and high-performance endmills to be manufactured. Among the many features are a camera to locate small coolant holes and a 6-station wheel/nozzle changer.
- New, patented and proprietary drill steady rest that can compensate for back taper as well as a combination of back taper and cylindrical drill relief. This steady rest is dedicated for drills.
- Newly designed CNC traveling workhead as the 6th axis.
- Option for locating small coolant holes down to 0.05 mm.
- 6-station wheel/nozzle changer with HSK50E arbors, tested for repetitive concentricity of less than 2 microns.
- 20 HP “synchronous” direct-drive grinding spindle offers constant rpm with no chatter marks in flutes, as opposed to conventional “asynchronous” motors, providing super-sharp cutting edges.
The 5/6-axis machines with wheel/nozzle changers have already proven themselves in the field as potentially highly
popular Rollomatic models that carry the well-appreciated class, value and quality of any Rollomatic product. Rollomatic has not deviated from its strategy of building the highest quality machine based on its reputation in the field.