Toray’s TOYOLAC transparent ABS resin

Toray’s TOYOLAC transparent ABS resin

October 17, 2019

Toray Industries Inc

With newly expanded production capabilities and customer support, Toray Industries Inc. is prepared to provide TOYOLAC resin to medical original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for improved product development and manufacturing.

Transparent ABS resin TOYOLAC presents major opportunities for medical design engineers and custom molders to develop better components and final-use products, particularly for liquid-contact medical devices. Offering superior injection molding and processability, superior hardness, toughness and resistance properties compared to traditional thermoplastics, TOYOLAC resin has achieved application success in thousands of medical products worldwide.

It has robust chemical resistance and is sterilizable but cannot be autoclaved. With well-balanced chemical properties the TOYOLAC ABS resin is an FDA Drug Master File registered material. It is USP Class 6 tested and meets ISO 10993 for biocompatibility. Specific tests include -4 for blood interactions, -5 for in vitro cytoxicity, -10 for irritation & skin sensitization, and -11 for systemic cytotoxicity. It has stable quality and promises long-term adoption with no change production methods, no change formulations and no change test methods/equipment, ensuring long term stability for manufacturers and regulatory requirements.

The resin has proven to be a cost effective replacement for many medical applications requiring clear plastic. Applications include housings, infusion sets, and other drug and blood contact devices where superior injection molding, processability and high strength properties make TOYOLAC the ideal replacement for clear polycarbonate. Additional TOYOLAC properties include:

  • Biocompatible, bisphenol-A free, sterilizable
  • Superior scratch resistance, structural strength and stiffness
  • Robust chemical resistance for lipids, alcohol and cleaning agents
  • Excellent high and low temperature performance
  • Easy to injection mold, glue and print
  • Excellent solvent adhesive properties

The TOYOLAC processability presents significant cost-advantages when injection molding due to lower operating temperatures and lower pressure requirements compared to polycarbonate. Using TOYOLAC, processors can achieve faster cycle times with more mold cavitation due to the flowability of the resin at lower temperatures. TOYOLAC operating cylinder temperature ranges from 210°C up to 260°C providing easier resin flow resulting in decreased cycle times. Additionally, lower operating temperature reduces energy costs, decreases wear on tooling, decreases down-time from necessary mold repair resulting in overall increased mold life.