ANCA’s CIM3D V9 software

ANCA’s CIM3D V9 software

July 23, 2020

Grinding/Abrasives Software

ANCA’s CIM3D V9 release of the industry-leading CIMulator3D software has an upgraded interface easier to use with intuitive functionality. The latest technology and software design offer time-saving benefits and interactive visualization across the entire grinding process.

The new software offers clearer visualization with the customizable timeline panel – a central dashboard for quicker and easier tool analysis. New tool programs can be verified for size, shape, machine clearance, cycle time estimates, and more.

Progressive material removal

  • Provides a realistic and unique view of the material removal process
  • Allows visualization of the grinding process during a move
  • Allows the visualization of the wheel imprint at any point of time 
  • Allows better visualization of unexpected deviations in the wheel path

Clear visualization with the timeline panel

  • Provides an interactive timeline of the grinding process that acts as an animation and analysis hub
  • Acts as a central dashboard for all analysis

Tool balance analysis

  • Provides complete information about the balance of a rotating tool
  • Output includes the quality grade and imbalance of the tool
  • Information passed on to ToolRoom to balance the tool effectively

Background calculations

  • Collisions recalculated automatically when machine configuration is changed
  • Material removal rates calculated when row is shown in timeline to display the MMR graph
  • Tool balancing calculated automatically when tool balancing dialogue is shown

Measurement capabilities

  • Allows the placing of three points to measure a radius
  • Behaves like a 2D overlay – moves with the tool in translation, but not in rotation
  • Handles the same use case as a shadowgraph
  • Typically used to measure the cutting profile radii

Machine models and accessories

  • Option for MX splash guard for better collision analysis
  • FX5 Wheel Changer added to detect collisions with changer gripper