Applied Manufacturing Technologies’ jobHopper

Applied Manufacturing Technologies’ jobHopper

June 5, 2020

Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT)

Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT), an independent full-service systems integration provider supporting manufacturers, robot companies, systems integrators, line builders, and users of robotic automation worldwide, has introduced a new product, jobHopper, a flexible, portable collaborative robot (cobot) workstation.

jobHopper is a customizable collaborative robot system allowing manufacturers to use a single portable robot for a variety of applications on the plant floor. Its fenceless workstation permits side-by-side work with human operators. jobHopper features Fanuc’s cobot and controller to achieve a balance between productivity and flexibility.

The hand-guidance capability and intuitive flowchart-style operating system with touchscreen interface allow for quick deployment to complete a variety of tasks, including pick-and-place applications, machine tending, inspection, and more.