APX Drilling System

APX Drilling System

October 1, 2013

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.

Drilling Machine & Drills

Officials at Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. have introduced the APX Drilling System.  Designed for deep hole drilling, the APX System delivers the strength and versatility needed for any deep hole drilling application.  The APX drill allows for higher spindle speeds and takes advantage of the power curve on modern CNC machines for maximum penetration rates on deep holes.

The tool uses a fixed series body, with various heads that determine the cutting diameter.  There are 10 series to cover the diameter range from 1.500” to 4.000” (38.00mm to 101.6mm).  A unique “X” locator on the head to body connection allows for simple assembly and superior strength. 

The bodies are available from stock with a 2.000” flanged shank, 50mm flanged shank and CAT50 integral shank.  They have drill depths up to 28” (711.2mm).  Each body will cover approximately 0.275” (7.00mm) in diameter, and are designed with coolant through the shank.

The heads use a T-A or GEN3SYS pilot insert to stabilize the tool through the cut, and outboard carbide inserts to achieve the final cutting diameter.  The heads offer balanced double effective cutting up to 2.755” (69.99mm) diameter.  This allows for maximum feed rates in these size ranges.  For diameters from 2.756” to 4.000” (70.00 to 101.6mm) diameter the tools are single effective cutting to reduce power consumption.