Buehler’s programmable castable mounting system

Buehler’s programmable castable mounting system

July 29, 2020



Buehler's SimpliVac programmable castable mounting system expedites materials sample preparation in manufacturing quality control or inspection laboratories that test small material parts or component samples in electronics, thermal spray coatings, additive manufacturing, composites, and other specialty surface treatments. This robust casting system will free up the metallographic or quality control lab technician to perform other tasks – it requires less set-up time and reduces processing time. It is fully programmable and allows for processing samples through multiple cycles without human interference.

The SimpliVac vacuum optimizes sample impregnation in a faster, more automated way and allows lab technicians to set multiple cycles to complete the mounting process faster. SimpliVac can also accommodate larger samples due to its oversized chamber and sample tray insert, which creates a large flat surface for larger mounts. The integrated turntable allows for bi-directional movement of the samples when aligning. Seeing within the large chamber is easy as it has a large clear lid, allowing simple alignment of samples when pouring. It also has locking controls that prevent inconsistent samples due to user error. Accessories are available and depend on the process, as the SimpliVac can also be used without pouring under vacuum. Dispensing under vacuum results in optimized sample impregnation per lab results, for labs concerned about sample quality. A compressed air source is required for operation.