HR-PRO high performance imaging plates

HR-PRO high performance imaging plates

October 11, 2016


Rochester, New York – Carestream NDT has launched a new HR-PRO High Performance Imaging Plate designed to improve overall plate life. It has exceptional image quality and is designed for use in the most challenging NDT inspection environments.

This next-generation imaging plate features a formulated laminated coating over the phosphor that protects the imaging plate against many of today’s common issues. The HR-PRO provides the same high quality image as our current HR product and is ideally suited for applications requiring 25µ, 50µ or 100µ scan resolutions.

Customer driven solution
The HR-PRO design team spent over a year evaluating different technical options and doing in depth testing of the materials to find the most optimal solution. Many variables affect plate life such as the quality of the intensifying leads, the coefficient of friction against the plate and the leads, the hardness of the surfaces in contact, environmental conditions and last but not least how the plates are handled by users. The HR-PRO plates were subjected to months of extreme testing including temperature swings, 2" pipe wraps (>30,000 times), harmful chemicals, crack testing and image quality analysis.  During these tests the HR-PRO performed flawlessly.

Customer input was key during design and validation. Leading customers in the NDT industry around the world worked in real time applications to confirm the product was delivering what they expected. The results were clear: HR-PRO provided longer life under extreme imaging conditions, helping to improve throughput and overall digital imaging ROI.

Designed for performance
The HR-PRO also provides improved performance against scratching, abrasions, cleaning, cracking, chemical and moisture resistance. It is available in all of the standard sizes used with the HPX-PRO today, many of which are in stock and ready for shipment.

Source: Carestream NDT