Carmex diamond PCD, CVD-T, PCBN turning inserts

Carmex diamond PCD, CVD-T, PCBN turning inserts

May 7, 2019

Carmex Precision Tools LLC

Diamond turning inserts are designed to enable customers to achieve higher productivity and greater efficiency in machining hard materials.

The diamond PCD inserts excel in the machining of non-ferrous materials, including high Si aluminum, copper and brass alloys, magnesium, carbon fiber reinforced plastics, and composites.

CVD is designed for machining aluminum and magnesium alloys, high-silicon aluminum, precious metal alloys, plastics with abrasive fillers, tungsten carbide, and ceramic green compacts. An advanced chip breaker reduces heat generation and energy consumption.

The diamond PCBN inserts deliver high-precision performance and excellent surface finish in materials including hardened and heat-treated steels up to 72HRc, high speed steel (HSS), high alloyed steels hardened to 45HRc and higher, super Ni-based alloys, grey cast iron, ductile, and graphite.

Carmex diamond inserts are available in one and two cutting edge configurations.