Celera Motion’s expanded Omni+ direct drive motor platform series

Celera Motion’s expanded Omni+ direct drive motor platform series

June 17, 2022

Celera Motion


Celera Motion is expanding its innovative direct drive motor platform, the Omni+ Series.

Powerful and efficient, the Omni+ Series is designed for optimal system integration, with a range of axial lengths and winding options. Known for exceling in motion smoothness and torque density, the pre-engineered frameless motor kit series has now been expanded to

The OMNI+ Series motors are designed to provide higher torque density and ultra-low cogging, resulting in smooth motion, lower power dissipation and decreased temperature rise. The technology provides high speeds and accelerations with superior mechanical stiffness, reducing settling times and increasing system performance and throughput.

Among the benefits of the Omni+ Series:

  • An innovative electromagnetic design that delivers elite torque density and a compact form factor;
  • A large ID-to-OD ratio for convenient routing of cables, optics and other system elements;
  • Size compatibility with common strain wave gears and a wide range of motor drives, enabling easy integration;
  • Minimal cogging for accurate and smooth motion;
  • Custom windings and form factors available to meet application requirements.

The Omni+ Series fits simply into geared robotic joints, direct drive rotary stages or actuator applications for efficient utilization of space. Applications include:

  • Surgical robotics
  • Exoskeletons and wearables
  • Satellite communications
  • UAV gimbals
  • Collaborative robots

Celera Motion, a Novanta company, introduced the Omni+ series in 2020. In addition to the Omni+ 100, Celera Motion offers the OMNI+ 60mm and the OMNI+ 70mm. More sizes are planned.