Creform’s custom physical seperators

Creform’s custom physical seperators

July 24, 2020

Design Components

Creform has designed a way to implement physical distancing with custom physical separators. The simple and economical frame is suitable for industrial environments to hold clear plastic barrier panels to help ensure a safer workplace and maintain social distancing.

Alternatives to the clear plastic barrier include clear soft vinyl and roll plastic sheeting.  All are designed to be regularly cleaned and replaced as necessary. The design of the structure can change based on the level of protection desired. Where and how long the barrier will be used also contributes to its design and construction.

Built with clamped together 28mm plastic coated steel pipe and metal joints, the structures are built on feet for stability and feature a small but stable base to minimize required floor space. The unit can also be built on wheels. The simple panels are light weight and easy to move. Various standard sizes are available, but custom sizes can also be developed. The structure can be recycled and used to build other industrial structures as well.

The Creform system is available as a kit or an assembled structure or in the component form for a complete DIY solution. Higher capacity and custom sizes and configurations of 28mm, 32mm and 42mm plastic coated steel pipes and metal joints are possible.

A wide variety of pipe color options are available. Accessories include hooks, label holders for shelf levels or positions, and a writing surface with clipboards.