Buehler’s AbrasiMet M durable cutter

Buehler’s AbrasiMet M durable cutter

July 16, 2019



Buehler’s abrasive tabletop cutter, the AbrasiMet M, is designed for heavy use where cutting of samples for quality control and inspection of parts occurs. The compact AbrasiMet M is a manual saw with a 5.5hp (4kW) motor that can accommodate 10" to 12" [254mm to 305mm] blades with a maximized cutter chamber space and sliding hood design to provide a quick, clean and simple cutting solution for sample preparation in any work environment.

Reduce cutting time and easily change blades without tools is one feature, while cleaning the high-capacity, 30-gallon recirculation tank is simplified with its nested tank and filtration screen design.

AbrasiMet M features:

  • Increased chamber space; motor located outside of cutting chamber
  • Optimized RPM settings for max. cut quality
  • LED light strips increase sample visibility
  • Adjustable cutting arm handle for user ergonomics
  • Dual-blade application ensures parallel cuts for difficult-to-vise parts, higher range of sample shapes, reduced overall sectioning time
  • Easy access valve, washdown hose for cleanability

The casting is durable with a corrosion resistant steel T-slot table. The hood design is reinforced for repeated opening/closing. Design of the enclosed motor-cutting arm system keeps debris and coolant out to maximize the life of the motor. Also available is a complete selection of compatible vises, clamping kit, and blocks for all sectioning applications.