Destaco’s manual swing clamps

Destaco’s manual swing clamps

August 20, 2020


Destaco’s manual swing clamps combine two existing Destaco technologies to create an easy-to-use option for fixture building/testing, welding, and assembly operations in the industrial, aerospace, and automotive markets.

Specifically, the manual swing clamps are a combination of Destaco’s 8200 Series pneumatic swing clamps, which provide quick swing-and-clamp movement for increased productivity, and the 6004 Series straight line action clamps, which can be locked in two positions to enable either push or pull operation.

The manual swing clamps feature an enclosed cam track and can clamp and lock in both retract and extend positions. They also feature a detent that holds the clamp in the open position in order to prevent unwanted movement. Future versions will offer Destaco’s Toggle Lock Plus, which locks the handle in both open and closed positions.