Accelerate Vision virtual reality

Accelerate Vision virtual reality

April 5, 2017


Taking advantage of the latest advances in virtual reality (VR) technology, the Accelerate Vision tool has been designed to work in the production of DESTACO’s Accelerate Collection end effector components, which can be assembled into custom solutions for most pressroom stamping applications.

As the speed of manufacturing continues to increase, the design process for these components must also be accelerated while meeting strict demands regarding die-making and tooling accuracy and precision. By using the Accelerate Vision VR digital design tool at the beginning of the design process, DESTACO is able to precisely build an end effector based on customer-supplied models and also provide detailed information and data to die-makers. This enables the die-makers to streamline their design and review process, resulting in tooling that is accurate with an overall improvement in product quality for the end-user.

The Accelerate Vision VR tool is part of DESTACO’s suite of Accelerate Digital Solutions, which also includes simulation and manufacturing components. These Digital Solutions also allow the use of robot-assisted production cells during manufacturing operations, with the robot having the capability to increase the precision in which parts are built without the need for samples or 2D drawings. Once the construction of the component is complete, it goes through a laser-validation process to confirm that all measurements are in compliance with the approved design.