DowDuPont’s CORNING MG 7-1020 soft skin adhesive

DowDuPont’s CORNING MG 7-1020 soft skin adhesive

February 11, 2019

DowDuPont Specialty Products Division
Adhesives/Sealants Design Components

Wilmington, Delaware – DowDuPont Specialty Products Division’s DOW CORNING MG 7-1020 Soft Skin Adhesive, adds to the company’s portfolio of solutions for skin-adhered medical devices. Based on advanced silicone technology, the product delivers strong adhesion and extended wear, as well as design and manufacturing flexibility – while avoiding the skin irritation and discomfort more common with the removal of acrylic adhesives. DOW CORNING MG 7-1020 soft skin adhesive can be used with fabric backing and addresses the healthcare industry’s growing focus on biologic drugs that call for innovative delivery mechanisms such as patch pumps.

Providing the strongest adhesion available from DowDuPont Specialty Products Division’s soft skin adhesive portfolio, DOW CORNING MG 7-1020 is suitable for wearable monitoring devices, medical tape, and medical device attachments. It also delivers extended wear time up to more than one week. This combination of factors can work well for manufacturers using pumpable patches for biologic drug delivery as an alternative to injection pens.

Comfortable, painless repositioning
Specially designed to be gentle, the adhesive is ideal for patients with delicate, compromised, or sensitive skin, designed to minimize irritation, sensitizing, and cytotoxicity. Its high degree of penetration into the skin surface enhances conformability and the patient experience. Further, unlike traditional acrylic adhesives, it will not cause discomfort during removal.

While this new technology offers the highest level of adhesion in the company’s soft skin product line, it still allows devices to be repositioned several times, giving patients the ability to easily reposition a device if needed.

Flexible design, manufacturing
Designers and engineers have greater flexibility with DOW CORNING MG 7-1020 because this solution maintains its adhesive strength at lower coat weights so designers can fine-tune the coating application to match desired wear and cost parameters for the device. The product can be direct- or transfer-coated onto a variety of backing substrates, including woven and nonwoven fabrics.

For manufacturers, the new adhesive features a longer working (pot) life at higher ambient temperature and humidity conditions than traditional adhesives to avoid premature auto-curing, which can degrade the effectiveness of the adhesive. This two-part, low-viscosity silicone adhesive also offers fast cure rates across a wide range of temperatures.