ETCO’s electrical connectors & terminals

ETCO’s electrical connectors & terminals

December 1, 2021


Custom fabricated electrical connectors and terminals manufactured to OEM specification for a wide range of medical equipment including diagnostic tools, mobility units, monitors, hospital beds, MRI, and CT scanners, and more are being introduced by ETCO Inc. of Bradenton, Florida.

ETCO custom fabricated medical connectors & terminals are manufactured to specification for integration with discrete component over-molding and are suppled on reels or loose for use with various automation systems. Made from virtually any alloy and also inlaid or edge-laid with precious metals to achieve specific properties, they can meet a wide range of medical equipment design requirements.

Typical ETCO Custom Fabricated Medical Connectors & Terminals include diagnostic and wire termination products, therapeutic wire termination products, surgical wire termination products, mobility products and more. Parts can be produced in sizes from 0.008" to 0.090" thick with +0.002" tolerances, depending upon materials and design requirements.