Ewellix’s LLT Profile Rail Guides

Ewellix’s LLT Profile Rail Guides

December 2, 2020



Ewellix relaunched its LLT Profile Rail Guides, use modular components, allowing cost-effective customized solutions to be easily developed for a wide range of linear guiding applications – from conveyor systems, plastic injection molding machines, and printing and packaging equipment to medical devices.

The LLT Profile Rail Guides have a unique design, with recirculating ball circuits being placed in an X-arrangement. This ensures equal load carrying capacity across each rail, with high levels of rigidity and strength in all four main load directions, while accommodating moment loads and maintaining self-aligning capability. Designed to ISO 14728, each LLT Profile Rail Guide also ensures flexibility for mounting deviations, even under preload, guaranteeing optimal friction-free performance and wear durability under a wide variety of operating conditions.

Unlike competing products, the carriage on each LLT Profile Rail Guides features as standard end, side, and inner seals, plus an internal lubrication reservoir that extends maintenance intervals. Metal threaded inserts for the grease fittings are also used, unlike more commonly used plastic thread, making this a more robust solution. The option of eight carriage types with a single rail profile to meet most industry-standard dimensions greatly increases flexibility for applications.

Ewellix LLT Profile Rail Guides can operate at temperatures up to 100ºC and speeds up to 5.0m/s. They are available in sizes 15 to 45 with rail lengths up to 4,000mm in a single piece. They are available in a variety of preload and precision classes, mounting configurations, and accessories. 

All Guides are supplied ready-to-mount, making installation quick and simple and are factory pre-lubricated for extremely low maintenance. Available for immediate shipment; even guides which need to be cut to length, for up to 10 systems, can be dispatched in just 2 to 4 days.