Exothermic Molding’s alternative material

Exothermic Molding’s alternative material

September 10, 2021

Exothermic Molding


When Exothermic Molding decided to launch into an alternative material, it required a ramp-up that involved commissioning the design of custom equipment to process the new polymer, training staff, and an ongoing effort of in-house R&D.

Exothermic, a RIM molder, became one of the first to embrace Proxima, a trademarked polymer of Materia Inc. Proxima, based on a Nobel Prize winning chemistry, has demonstrated superior properties to urethane, including strength and durability, as well as high heat tolerances. These properties attracted the attention of Exothermic, whose customers include manufacturers of sensitive medical instruments, robotics, military, and space exploration vehicle parts, as well as specialized fitness equipment

According to Exothermic’s Production Manager James Patnaude, “The company continues to experiment with adjustments to our processing in order to yield the best possible outcomes. This has included developing techniques such as chilling the polymer prior to introducing it and introducing it in a gradual manner.”

Customer reaction has been positive from those who have transitioned over to the newer material.

According to Patnaude, “One customer’s head engineer related the following: ‘Management should continue with Proxima material for all parts made by Exothermic. The reason is that Proxima material benefits with mechanical properties such as high impact toughness and low part defect rate.so there is no going back to the urethane material. For example, since the material change from urethane to Proxima, production has zero reports of part failure by fracture during shipping.’”

Founded in 1971, Exothermic molding celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. One of the first to introduce Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) to the marketplace, the family-owned and operated business has a history of innovation and has kept pace with the changing face of modern manufacturing. The company specializes in molding large, complex parts with high quality finishes.