Fastems’ Manufacturing Management Software

Fastems’ Manufacturing Management Software

September 12, 2019

Automation Software

The new version of Fastems' Manufacturing Management Software (MMS) integrates automated and non-automated processes into digital manufacturing management, bringing together three application areas in a single manufacturing software platform: pallet-based automation, automation of direct part handling with robots, and work cell operations for stand-alone machines and other manual manufacturing operations.

The MMS software platform offers advanced production management functionality for robotized machine tending applications. The new MMS platform includes functionalities for part process plan definitions through the graphical user interface. Together with parametric robot programs and coordinate based part location management the need of robot programming is minimized, and the PLC programming can be avoided totally.

This version also delivers predictive and adaptive scheduling for the automated production by industrial robots. This is the base for the entire production planning, plus MMS adds the manufacturing resource planning with the indication of missing resources such as cutting tools, raw materials, and NC programs, delivering the full view for operators to execute the planned production, enabling proactive operation and leading to greater output.

MMS manages the order-based production in the robot cell with manufacturing batches. Flexibility is brought in by having the possibility to produce several different workpieces simultaneously in different lot sizes. Also, the information about the required fixturing and clamping elements on the machine tool are now available, and the new MMS manages these as setups. It can schedule the setup changes for the machine tools and, depending on the application, is capable of automatically changing the setup with the robot.

It’s also possible to plan and control aspects of manufacturing that are not automated with robots or FM-systems. The MMS software closes the gap between the automated and manual manufacturing processes.

This version also combines three previously separate manufacturing facets in a single, powerful software solution that links all relevant processes. The manufacturing processes in the individual areas can be planned, forecasted, controlled, and monitored separately or in combination as required. This allows the full transparency of manufacturing operations by providing a detailed overview of the entire production process.