Expanded planar gantry offering – EXCM-30 and EXCM-40

Expanded planar gantry offering – EXCM-30 and EXCM-40

April 20, 2017

Festo Corp.

Motion Control Automation

With the new, larger EXCM-30 and EXCM-40 models, the Festo EXCM family of planar gantries gain expanded workspaces and higher load capacities, but are still ideally used for plug-and-play subassemblies in assembly and handling systems and medical laboratory devices.

The EXCM planar gantry family provides an optimum ratio between installation space and working space. EXCM units can be installed directly on a worktable without an external control cabinet. The EXCM-30 is used in small parts assembly and handling applications or in electronics manufacturing and laboratory processes. The unit’s precise and robust recirculating ball bearing guide absorbs large forces and torques, even at high speed.

New for the EXCM-30 is a clean look housing. The cover of the Y-axis provides basic protection against the ingress and discharge of particles. This is especially valuable in cases of upside-down installation. The EXCM-30 has a flexible and simple energy supply concept with a 3D chain and a universal flange adapter. The Y-stroke can be expanded to 16", 18", and 20" (410mm, 460mm, and 510mm).

The EXCM-40 is distinguished by an even larger working area of up to 78" inches (2,000mm) in the X direction and 39" (1,000mm) in the Y direction. Thanks to the 48V power supply, loads of up to 8.8 lb (4kg) can be handled dynamically. A single adapter plate fits all EXCM pneumatic and electric front ends which gives the machine builder greater flexibility and a better fit for an entire range applications. Options include multipole and compressed air connection for electric and pneumatic pick-and-place units, and these come pre-installed. When delivered, the actuators are completely connected, reducing engineering and assembly overhead.

A controller package consisting of two motors and a CMXH controller is available for both versions. The controller comes with safe-torque-off (STO) functionality in accordance with EN 61800-5-2 for enhanced safety. Furthermore, the controller can operate with a high-power supply voltage of 24V to 48V. The I/O interface with PNP configuration ensures universal communication.