GEN3SYS XT High-Penetration Rate Drilling

GEN3SYS XT High-Penetration Rate Drilling

June 20, 2013

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.
Drilling Machine & Drills

Allied Machine & Engineering, Dover, Ohio, features the GEN3SYS XT product for increased tool life, reliability, and productivity in high-penetration rate drilling applications. Available with the company’s AM300 coating and in multiple geometries, GEN3SYS XT provides excellent chip control, improved durability and added stability in a range of applications from 11mm to 35mm. GEN3SYS XT is available for standard GEN3SYS holders (stub, 3xD, 5xD & 7xD) with a choice of flute styles and utilizes corner and cutting-edge enhancements to deliver increased hole quality, surface finish, and true position.

GEN3SYS XT was an extension of our engineering efforts to address the needs of our customers requiring faster hole-making. The answer had to be multifaceted in order to accommodate the properties and challenges of the wide range of materials being machine.

To that point, there are four geometries available for GEN3SYS XT: standard (XT), austenitic stainless steel (AS), cast iron (CI) and low rake (LR). The standard (XT) geometry is available in two carbide substrates and provides benefits in a wide range of materials. The AS geometry uses Allied’s new AM300 coating and provides excellent chip control and tool life in austenitic and PH stainless steels, as well as high-temperature alloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy, and titanium. The CI geometry, also in combination with the AM300 coating, delivers increased durability and tool life in ductile, nodular and grey cast irons. Low rake (LR), the toughest GEN3SYS geometry offered, is designed for harder steels and less than ideal machining conditions. All geometries are engineered to provide the lowest cost per hole among any high-penetration drill line.