Mikron MILL X 600 U for complex part production

Mikron MILL X 600 U for complex part production

October 21, 2016

GF Machining Solutions


Lincolnshire, Illinois – The Mikron MILL X 600 U milling machine is for high-precision production of parts with complex, concave and convex surfaces.

As an expansion of the MILL X Series, the MILL X 600 U brings together the perfect blend of ultra-high-speed machining, superior surface finishes and exact tolerances, making it ideal for manufacturers who need all three capabilities to compete with offshore competition when it comes to complex part production.

The machine packs a 24,000rpm (36,000rpm available) high-speed spindle and performs full simultaneous 5-axis or 3+2 machining. With the machine’s tilt/rotary table, manufacturers gain better access to difficult-to-reach part features and can process parts complete in single clampings. All of which allows them to meet short job turnaround times.

The MILL X 600 U features a polymer concrete base, stiff cast iron sliding carriages and excellent clamping properties to deliver high stability and accuracy. Its X, Y, Z-axis travels measure 31.496" x 23.622" x 19.685", B-axis travels +30°/-110° and C-axis 360°.  The machine rapid traverses at speeds up to 3,937ipm (100m/min) and is well suited for serial production of a variety of small- to medium-sized precision parts from stainless alloys and aluminum. Common applications include the manufacture of medical components, aerospace structural parts and closed impellers.

GF Machining Solutions demonstrated the new MILL X 600 U machine at IMTS 2016 within a FANUC automated multi-machine manufacturing cell, showing its full lights-out operation scenario. The cell also housed a Mikron HEM 500U milling machine and a high-precision coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

Source: GF Machining Solutions