VOLLMER’s grinding machines

VOLLMER’s grinding machines

June 21, 2022

Vollmer of America Corp.


VGrind 260, VGrind Neon and VGrind Argon – these are the names of the three new tool grinding machines from VOLLMER. All three machines are based on VOLLMER's innovative double spindle concept, which enables precise and efficient multi-level machining thanks to its two vertical spindles. While the VGrind 260 can be configured for specific customer requirements, the VGrind Argon and Neon are two special editions. All three models are suitable for machining rotary tools made from carbide, such as drills, milling cutters or reamers.

VGrind 260
Like the VGrind 340S and 360S models, the new VOLLMER VGrind 260 grinding machine can be configured individually. For example, customers can choose between a direct drive or belt drive for the grinding spindles or equip the machine with a grinding wheel changer for up to eight grinding wheel sets – also including interchangeable coolant nozzles, if required. Several options are possible for the automation for unmanned, round-the-clock machining: The HP 160 pallet magazine offers space for up to 900 blanks or tools made from carbide and the HC4 chain magazine can be loaded with up to 158 shank type tools or 39 HSK-A63 tool holders. As an alternative, the machine is available with an internal pallet loader. It offers space for two compact pallets with a capacity of up to 300 blanks or tools. Furthermore, random loading of different shank diameters is also possible.

VGrind Argon and Neon
The new VGrind Neon and VGrind Argon tool grinding machines are also based on the tried-and-tested DNA with the double-spindle concept. VOLLMER has designed the compact machines for cost efficient entry into the world of tool grinding and provided them with functional features as standard: As with all VGrind models, they’re equipped with an Internet of Things Gateway (IoT) and have an internal wheel measurement system, which measures the grinding wheels and monitors their wear. The VGrind Argon has a four-wheel grinding wheel changer as well as an internal pallet loader and is designed for fully automatic operation.