Micro Line spindles

Micro Line spindles

June 9, 2016

IBAG North America

Toolholding/Workholding Turning/Milling

North Haven, Connecticut - IBAG North America will feature the Micro Line spindles, world’s most compact and powerful high speed spindles to fit more Swiss turning machines offering spindle sizes 16 to 33 mm diameter, speeds to 120,000 rpm and power to 390 watts. Also featured will be the Micro Collet to meet the ever increasing demands of ultra precision parts manufacturing that delivers accuracies of one micron T.I.R at the collet nose and handles up to 1/8” tool diameter. Equipped for use with 22, 25 and 33 mm IBAG Micro Line high speed spindles, including back working and right angle models, users can now achieve higher accuracies for precision milling and ultra small drilling applications now encountered with greater frequency in the medical industry and other micro manufacturing applications. Spindle speeds up to 90,000 RPM are possible, significantly reducing cycle time and boosting productivity.


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In addition, the booth will feature Witte vacuum workholding chucks, pumps and accessories to include the circular grid vacuum chucks that provide accurate and secure workholding for metal, graphite, ceramics, plastic, exotic alloys in standard and custom designs.

IBAG North America offers a full line of machine-tool high-speed spindles with complete repair and rebuilding services, as well as vacuum workholding systems to serve metalworking manufacturers and precision product and component applications.

Source: IBAG North America