igus' triflex cobot cable management kit

igus' triflex cobot cable management kit

February 21, 2020

Igus, Inc.

Automation Design Components

All the parts needed for a cobot’s cable management system are available in one kit. Included is:

  • More than 100 triflex R TRE cable carrier links (30mm or 40mm)
  • Hook and loop or plastic mounting brackets
  • Strain relief bracket, lock clips, assembly tool

The adjustable hook and loop fasteners will fit around virtually any cobot manufacturer’s arm. The triflex R TRE cable carrier is designed with two chambers to keep cables separated, ball-and-socket links for easy assembly and disassembly, and a defined bend radius and torsion stop.


  • For various robot arm diameters, universal applications
  • Assembled, retrofitted in just a few steps
  • Compact, smooth design
  • Virtually no edges to reduce the risk of injury
  • Silicon-free
  • Low-cost addition to cobot accessories product range