Igus’ tribo-material for DLP 3D printing

Igus’ tribo-material for DLP 3D printing

June 7, 2022

Igus, Inc.


With the iglidur i3000, igus is presenting the world's first 3D printing resin specifically for DLP 3D printing of wearing parts. This enables the additive manufacturing of particularly small, precise components with a service life that is 30x to 60x longer than with conventional 3D printing resins. igus is also expanding its 3D printing service with DLP printers that achieve a resolution of 0.035mm.

For components in the millimetre range, 3D printers that use Digital Light Processing (DLP) are particularly suitable. The process achieves a very fine resolutions under the various 3D printing technologies. Resolutions of just – 0.035mm are possible, around half the thickness of a human hair. To enable this level of precision, a projector casts layer after layer of the 3D model onto the surface of a special liquid resin. The corresponding regions network under the influence of light. After curing, the construction platform is lowered by one layer so that the next exposure can take place. This creates tiny components layer by layer – including gears with tips just 0.2mm thick. The tips have extremely smooth surfaces that require no post-treatment. With the new iglidur i3000-PR 3D printing resin, users can benefit from igus tribo technology from igus with this 3D printing technology, therefore significantly increasing the service life of their moving applications.

Tiny special components produced quickly
In addition to the 3D printing resin itself, customers can order components made from it directly from igus. igus is also expanding its 3D printing service. While customers could previously choose between the 3D printing processes of selective laser sintering (SLS) and fused deposition modeling (FDM), in future they will also be able to have components manufactured with DLP 3D printers. The finest details and even internal channels can easily be achieved.