High-speed machine vision cameras

High-speed machine vision cameras

November 15, 2018

Vision Research Inc.


Wayne, New Jersey – Vision Research, a manufacturer of digital high-speed imaging systems, has introduced the Phantom S210 and S200, 2Gpx/sec (16Gbps) machine vision cameras. The S210 reaches 1,730 frames per second (fps) at full 1.3Mpx resolution, while the S200 achieves 7,000fps at full 0.3Mpx VGA resolution. Both cameras provide the frame rates and throughput needed for demanding machine vision applications across multiple industries.

Leveraging sensors currently used in Phantom Miro C cameras, the S210 and S200 cameras incorporate features most relevant to machine vision applications.

The S210 and S200 both use up to four CoaXPress (CXP6) channels to reach 2Gpx/sec throughput. Both are GenICam compliant and stream directly into PCI Express frame grabbers. The cameras also feature a general-purpose input/output (GPIO), for fast and flexible signaling and synchronization. These include signals beneficial in standard high-speed applications, such as Time Code In/Out, along with a host of other signals commonly found in streaming applications, such as Trigger, strobe, and event marking.

Phantom S210

  • Up to 2 Gpx/second (16Gbps) of streaming capability
  • 1.3-megapixel CMOS sensor in color or monochrome
  • 1,730fps at 1280 x 1024
  • 5.6µm pixel size
  • Noise: 10 e-; Dynamic Range: 58.0dB
  • CXP6 protocol, GenICam compliant

Phantom S200

  • Up to 2 Gpx/second (16Gbps) of streaming capability
  • 0.3-megapixel VGA CMOS sensor in color or monochrome
  • 7,000fps at 640 x 480
  • 11.2µm pixel size
  • Noise: 6.3 e-; Dynamic Range: 59.7dB
  • CXP6 protocol, GenICam compliant