Traub TNL20 Swiss turning machine

Traub TNL20 Swiss turning machine

October 19, 2018

Index Corp.

Noblesville, Indiana – Featuring numerous design improvements related to productivity, precision, and automation, the Index Traub TNL20 can be equipped to cut with up to four tools simultaneously. The optional iXcenter robot can be integrated for automatic loading of blank shafts or preformed workpieces.

The TNL20-9 features 9 linear axes, autonomous counter spindle and two turrets, each with eight stations providing up to 12,000rpm and 2.0kW of power. The TNL20-9 can apply up to three tools simultaneously.

The TNL20-11 incorporates an additional front working attachment with six stations, three of which are live with up to 12,500rpm and 2.0kW of power. This attachment has an autonomous compound slide in the Z- and X-axis, as well as an NC swivel axis. Tool offsets and Y-axis machining operations can easily be performed via interpolation of the H indexing axis of the front working attachment with the X-axis of the autonomous compound slide. Additionally, the TNL20-11 can simultaneously cut with up to four tools. The machine provides 26 tool stations and can deploy up to 58 tools, allowing the machining of complex workpieces or entire part families without significant downtime for changeover or setup.

Both versions of the TNL20 can be equipped with a back-working attachment on the lower turret that includes four easily accessible tool mountings arranged to avoid interference with other tools during machining. The axes of the lower turret can be coupled with the back-working attachment and counter spindle to allow independent machining on the back-working attachment.

The liquid-cooled main and counter spindles are identical, offering up to 10,000rpm, 5.5kW of power and 17.2Nm of torque. The work spindle includes 29mm of clearance in the draw tube, allowing use of a standing reduction tube for bar stock diameter up to 20mm. This ensures excellent guide quality that supports the precision of the machine part.

Small parts can easily be flushed through a tube inserted into the indexing axis of the lower tool carrier, while larger pieces can be unloaded via an optional two-axis gantry unit with a linear Z axis. Additionally, the optional iXcenter robot features an articulated arm and vertical pallet storage device with 28 slots. This enables unloading and storage of parts produced from bar stock or machining of parts larger than 20mm in diameter. The robot can also be integrated with a 3D measuring device or secondary process operations to offer significant unattended operation potential.

The TNL20 incorporates Index's iXpanel for Industry 4.0 functionality. The control includes at 19" multi-touchscreen that uses intuitive gesture controls to simplify operation. Existing Traub machine programs using the same axis kinematics can easily be transferred to the control. Additionally, the Traub WinFlexIPS programming system is available on the control.