Slip-proof tooling system

Slip-proof tooling system

October 20, 2016

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Indianapolis, Indiana – The REGO-FIX intRlox MX Mini Nut system for Swiss-style machine tool applications offers an anti-slip locking design that prevents the locking wrench from slipping off the nut during assembly and disassembly to significantly reduce the risk of hand injury during the tool change process.

Milled slots on the outside diameter of the nut mate with corresponding features of the wrench to prevent slippage during tightening and loosening. In addition to improved operator safety, the nuts also prevent damage to other nearby tools in the machine. 

The intRlox MX Mini Nuts lack raised or protruding teeth, so their profiles are slim and compact, a further benefit in the extremely tight areas within a Swiss-style machine. Without these raised portions, the new mini nuts also retain more of their material for added strength. The intRlox design also includes a special surface treatment that enhances clamping forces and protects against corrosion to extend the life of the nut.

Additionally, an extension tube accessory is available for the nut. The extension tube has the same profile as the intRlox MX Mini Nut wrench at one end and the anti-slip profile at the other end. With the extension, operators gain a deeper reach between tooling and additional room for the wrench because it’s further away from the cutting tools. Plus, the extension provides room for using a ratchet type wrench as well as torque wrenches to ensure proper nut tightening. 

The intRlox MX Mini Nuts can replace any brand of older-style mini-nuts. The system is currently available in ER 11, 16 and ER 20 sizes in standard versions and ER 16 and 20 for coolant versions. And intRlox MX Mini Nuts incorporate the company’s Collet Locking System where collets push into the nut and click into place. The collet and nut assembly then screws into the toolholder for easy and precise positioning.

Source: REGO-FIX