American Plastic Solutions' protective intubation shields

American Plastic Solutions' protective intubation shields

April 20, 2020

American Plastic Solution
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The American Plastic Solution’s Medical Intubation Shield is easy to maneuver over a patient’s head and shoulders. With this design, only the arms of the medical professional are required to pass through the shield body, keeping the health care professional and the patient safe from contamination.

The Clear Acrylic Intubation Shield/Box is revised from an original design by Dr. Hsien-Yung Lai. As a leading manufacturer of custom plastic solutions, we have enhanced the Intubation Box design with increased stability and durability, adding 2" wide X 3/8" thick clear acrylic rails along the bottom side edges of the shield/box.

In addition, comfort was also taken into consideration. We bullnose the inner edges of the 5” diameter armholes so they are smooth to human touch and movement. All human contact edges are flame polished and are smooth to the touch. Protective Intubation Shields measure 21” wide X 19-3/4” tall X 16-1/4” deep and are made from 1/4” thick clear acrylic sheet. After each intubation procedure, the shield/box can be cleaned thoroughly with 70% alcohol or bleach before use on the next patient.