IoT machining automation software

IoT machining automation software

August 30, 2018

FUJI Machine America Corporation
Cloud/Apps/IoT Machining Centers

Vernon Hills, Illinois – Fuji Machine’s introduction of LAPSYS, Fuji’s concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), enables part traceability, predictive maintenance, and remote operation for machining automation and efficiency.

Linkable to any Fuji machine, LAPSYS desktop software reads scanned laser etchings to trace the origin of a part, including machine and spindle.

LAPSYS enables lines to be “visualized” by sending data from each module to the upper MES system. Big Data is analyzed for a variety of different tasks within a Plan-Do-See Cycle. Plan tasks include scheduling, process engineering, program creation, and simulation; Do tasks tool changeover guidance, consumable part ordering, updating software, and updating manuals; and See tasks include traceability, operation monitor, quality control management, and error analysis. By unifying the management of the Plan-Do-See Cycle, Fuji makes it possible to achieve even smarter production.

Fuji’s LAPSYS allows remote monitoring for unified management of data for each machine and each line. This makes it possible to monitor progress and machine status as well as other important indexes such as alarm frequency. In addition, remote operation allows access to the application that is displayed on the machine operation panel, making it is possible to edit and check data. For preventive maintenance, data saved in the database is analyzed. This makes it possible to predict machine faults or errors before they occur, reducing machine downtime to a minimum.

When you contact FUJI, the part you will be machining is analyzed by engineers with experience in process and manufacturing engineering. FUJI engineers apply their experience with FUJI machines that are built for automation from the ground up. These highly accurate machines employ built-in robotic automation, in-process auto gauging for quality control, and are engineered with FUJI custom workholding. This allows FUJI engineers to guarantee takt time, cycle time, and CPK with turnkey and run-off solutions that are built for lean manufacturing. Using less manpower and more automation, FUJI machines can produce quality parts efficiently and reliably. FUJI solutions are supported by factory-trained American engineers 24/7.

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