IVEC’s E-Z Gates

IVEC’s E-Z Gates

January 18, 2021

IVEC Systems


Building on decades of experience designing high-quality air filtration applications, IVEC is proud to introduce their new E-Z Gates, a robust, economical, and reliable solution for the control of dust collection systems and the regulation of dust and fume laden air.

E-Z Gates are electric, not pneumatic, thus eliminating the need for compressed air. As a result, they also eliminate the costs associated with maintaining a compressed air solution and the downtime and maintenance costs that can result from corrosion caused by moisture within compressed air.

The E-Z Gates feature a welded body and structural supports that deliver multiple benefits:

• Resists deformation even under large external loads and 100” WC of vacuum pressure

• More reliable performance versus enclosures built with bolts and nuts that may loosen over time

• 30% smaller and 10% less weight than the previous model

• Can be installed horizontally or vertically

• Stiffer gate body helps the gate maintain a true seal

To ensure outstanding gate performance, this proprietary system is engineered to eliminate blade pinching by using a unique blade and seal design. The design also prevents particulate build-up that typically impedes the opening and closing of other gates. Users have an option of choosing flanged, rolled lip adapters, or raw metal edge supporting the chosen duct style design.

E-Z Gates offer opportunities to lower costs further through its compatibility with IVEC Systems’ on-demand dust collection controls, which open and close E-Z Gates automatically based on system demands.

IVEC Controls with E-Z Gates boost energy efficiency, minimize dust collector motor wear, optimize system performance, and save money while maximizing fume and dust extraction in your facility. E-Z Gates come in a wide range of sizes and options that can be tailored to fit your dust collection or fume extraction needs.

E-Z Gates systems reflect IVEC’s commitment to providing customers with reliability and performance – having undergone thorough lab testing and featuring an extensive five-year warranty on the actuator. To simulate a 10-year life cycle, this gate was put through 200,000 open/close sequences without a single failure.