Jergens Quick Loc (QL) pallet system

Jergens Quick Loc (QL) pallet system

December 18, 2018

Jergens Inc.

(Photo) Jergens Quick Loc pallet system offers repeatability and high clamping forces for horizontal, vertical and rotary operations. Photo courtesy of Jergens Inc.

Cleveland OH – Jergens Inc. announces its Quick Loc (QL) pallet system for fixturing solutions on horizontal, vertical and rotary operations. These low-profile adapters and pallets ensure repeatability of 0.0003″ and provide clamping forces of nearly 14,000 lb. A single drive screw is used for fast operation

Manufactured from case-hardened steel for high rigidity, QL is available in multiple styles including square, rectangle, round receivers and cubes in both 52mm and 96mm patterns. The comprehensive selection of base, pallet, riser and accessories makes this system configurable for an almost unlimited range of applications.

The QL pallet system, in combination with Jergens top tooling choices like the new compact 130mm self-centering vise, are an industry first choice for increased machining access and quick change over.