Junkosha’s FEP peelable heat shrink technology

Junkosha’s FEP peelable heat shrink technology

November 10, 2020



Junkosha, materials specialist and pioneer of FEP Peelable Heat Shrink Tubing (PHST), has launched its cut-to-length and slit PHST, enabling a wide range of catheter-based procedures where flexibility is the key requirement. As part of its wider campaign to be at the forefront of precision engineered, miniaturized micro catheters and guide wires, Junkosha is leading the charge towards heat shrink solutions that provide the flexibility needed to complete increasingly complicated treatments such as neurovascular interventions.

Catheter delivery systems for neurovascular treatments rely on increasingly complex shapes, constructs, and polymers to deliver their intended treatment. This intricacy in catheter bonding and welding applications can only be consistently achieved through advanced technology innovations such as cut-to-length and slit PHST, which enables catheter manufacturers to use different lengths to not only reflow a catheter’s baseline materials, but also to attach complex shapes and constructions. Key application areas include balloon mounting, catheter lamination, forming, tacking, masking, bonding parallel tubes and polymer jacket compression.