Komet available on MachiningCloud

Komet available on MachiningCloud

September 20, 2017

Komet of America, Inc.

Software Tooling/Cutting

The Komet MachiningCloud partnership uses cloud-based technology, enabling customers to optimize the way they gather information for manufacturing operations. Users can effortlessly search for the proper cutting tool that best fits cutting conditions without having to search through catalogs or multiple websites. Komet customers can increase productivity and achieve greater accuracy by directly downloading descriptive, usage, and geometric information into shop floor software, such as CAM, simulation, and tool management systems.

“Electronic product data make the Komet Group an industry leader toward greater safety, sustainability, and profitability. Over the past 10 years, the NC simulation software has been taking an essential and strategic position within the precision tool manufacturer Komet Group. Digital product data can significantly reduce manufacturing time, and in the case of new developments, simulations with accurate data can completely eliminate the need for further testing,” says Siegfried Mozer, marketing communications for Komet Group, electronic catalogue division.

“The ability for Komet customers to find the right cutting tool quickly and reduce the time to assemble the optimum combination of tool components will enable them to improve accuracy in their work process,” says Pierre-Francois Tavard, senior product manager for MachiningCloud.