Kurt reusable quick change DoveLock jaws

Kurt reusable quick change DoveLock jaws

May 1, 2018

Kurt Manufacturing Co.


Minneapolis, Minnesota – Kurt DoveLock master jaws are designed to be installed in replacement of standard cap screw jaws and create a quick-change capability. Once DoveLock master jaws are installed into the vise, they perform as a receiver for the replaceable jaws and are installed or removed by loosening three quick clamps in the top of each master jaw.

Change-over of jaws can be completed in under 1 minute and really saves a lot of time where frequent setups are required. As machinists get accustomed to the system, they can complete the changeover in 10 to 15 seconds.

DoveLock features reusable, machinable jaws which are precision manufactured from 6061 aluminum or 4140 pre-hard steel. They are designed for repeatable use after the part profile has been machined into the jaws. DoveLock jaws also can be flipped 180° to accommodate a second part profile for an additional setup.

DoveLock master jaws come equipped with a unique workstop located on the side of the jaw providing quick and repeatable location of up to ±0.001", without measuring. The workstop also ensures high repeatability even after the jaws have been stored which saves the cost of having to machine new jaws for every production order. DoveLock master jaws fit all Kurt industry standard 3.5", 4", 6", and 8" vises.