Kurt's production inspection system

Kurt's production inspection system

October 11, 2019

Kurt Industrial Products


Kurt Gaging Systems can provide 100% production inspection with fast cycle time and are critical to manufacturers of machined components.

The gaging system is fully automated and capable of measuring a series of features for two machining operations. A vision system will inspect the part prior to gaging to determine the machining operation. The robot then loads the part onto the gage for measurement of the critical features related to each machining operation. Once complete, the robot will dispose of any parts that are non-compliant and will allow all compliant parts to pass through to the next machining operation.

Kurt Gaging Systems are capable of 100% production inspection with measurements including lengths, diameters, angles, radii, runout, roundness, eccentricity, cylindricity, straightness, form and profiles, wall thickness, surface textures, and any component dimensioning manufacturers need to critically control.

Kurt Gaging systems include fully automated to manual operation and include complete SPC software and PC integration, custom engineering, and final testing.