MiniLock fixture clamps

MiniLock fixture clamps

August 22, 2017

Kurt Industrial Products

Minneapolis, Minnesota – The Kurt MiniLock is a small, low-profile screw down clamp that provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use option for rigidly clamping components on machine tables, fixture plates, tombstones, and trunnion fixtures.

The versatility of MiniLock allows machinist creative planning around the parts to be machined, the quantity of production runs, and the specific machining center to be used. This helps maximize resources and eliminate dysfunctional workholding setups that deter productivity.

Operation of the MiniLock is easy with only a quarter turn to the screw. The clamp jaw of the MiniLock expands to engage the part and is forced both laterally and down, precisely clamping the part while preventing the part from lifting. MiniLock is small in circumference and easily positioned around or in between the workpiece and works in conjunction with workstops.

Manufactured to Kurt’s high precision standards, the MiniLock clamping jaw is machined of aluminum bronze. The actuating screw is made of alloy steel. Available in four sizes both inch and metric: 0.688" (17.476mm), 0.875" (22.250mm), 0.938" (23.826mm) and 1.125" (28.575mm). Hex thickness range from 0.188" (4.776mm) to 0.375" (9.525mm). One package contains six MiniLocks.