DockLock pneumatic zero-point clamping system

DockLock pneumatic zero-point clamping system

January 15, 2018

Kurt Workholding

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Kurt Workholding’s pneumatic zero-point clamping system runs on existing shop air readily available in every machine shop. The Kurt DockLock Airline system is a high precision system which can reduce set-up time over 90% by rapid change-out of large and small machine fixtures. The Kurt DockLock system features a tapered plug design to aid in positioning and clamping in one easy step even when the pallet has slight tilt.

Kurt zero-point system uses a form-fitting clamping design with self-locking clamp segments and tapered plug design which creates a powerful, 3-surface contact and lock-down force pulling the plugs all the way into the cylinders. The system design prevents vibration and tilting with the lock-down force not found in other zero point systems. This a vitally important feature for 5-axis machining and horizontal CNC’s which can induce an enormous amount of force on the holding system. The system uses 2,880 lb of pull-in force and 9,000 lb of retention force to securely hold the docking system in place.

The system is comprised of flanged cylinders, tapered plugs which can be easily incorporated into a machine shops fixturing systems as needed. Or they can be integrated into preconfigured base plates and pallets available from Kurt.

Additional standard features of the DockLock system include air-blast cleaning to remove debris from the flange, compact tapered plug design, mechanical clamp and air unclamping, and pallet monitoring ports for adding sensors.