Kwik Mark’s industrial dot peen markers

Kwik Mark’s industrial dot peen markers

October 21, 2022

Kwik Mark

Dot peen marking technology is one of the most versatile marking solutions on the market, allowing manufacturers to automate the direct part marking process. Kwik Mark Inc. Dot Peen Marking Systems give you the ability to place high quality marks on your products consistently and quickly, allowing you to be more productive.

This dot peen marker – manufactured in the U.S. – is a chip-less engraver ideal for marking tags, legends, and machine parts with high resolution images. The unique dot peen process floats on the material surface during the marking operation, making it ideal for flat, curved, and irregular surfaces. The system has built-in serializing, date coding and graphic engraving functions.

Our machines are self-contained, requiring no PC for operation, and features the latest embedded control technology with a dual memory embedded processor with compact flash card. There is no software to learn or manuals to read……with our Express Text feature, just press one key and enter the text to mark, on the included keyboard. Or use iTeach, our patented Jog and Teach Function which allows you to use the marking tip as a “pointer” to define the text path.  It really is that simple!

Kwik Mark Inc. offers dot peen equipment ranging from bench top and hand held models to integrated solutions to suit most industrial marking applications and can engrave on materials ranging from hardened tool steels to delicate plastics.