Lift Magnet Selection Guide

Lift Magnet Selection Guide

August 8, 2013

Assembly Equipment Workholding

Eriez’ extensive line of lifting magnets are showcased in a six-page, full-color “Lift Magnet Selection Guide,” available from the company in print and PDF format. The complete line of SafeHold Permanent Lifting Magnets, as well as Eriez’ Electro Lifting Magnets, are featured.

According to the Guide, Eriez SafeHold Lifting Magnets are available in ceramic and rare earth models, lift up to 10,000 lb, need no outside power source and can be turned on and off with ease. SafeHold Lifting Magnets are a great tool for lifting flat, round, and irregular shapes and can also be used to:

  • Unload raw materials and recently cut parts
  • Load plates to burn/laser tables and bar stock into lathes
  • Move angles, channels, tubes, small fabrications and frames
  • Handle square and round structural tubing as well as finished and rough castings

The SafeHold line includes five series:  XPL Series, RPL Series, EPL Series, APL Series, and MPL Series.  Features, benefits, lift capacities and more are covered for each model in each series.

The Guide also highlights Eriez Electro Lifting Magnets Series, which includes Round Selecto Magnets, Bi-Polar Electromagnets and Rectangular Magnets.  Also covered in the Guide are lift magnet considerations and safety guidelines.